Custom Automotive Products

Our Products

At Tiercon, we are known throughout the industry for our commitment to creating high-quality exterior components and systems for the automotive industry. Thanks to our vertically integrated operations, our robust and organized operational methods, and our focus on continuous improvement, we offer a simplified process for our customers to obtain high-quality exterior components and systems for their vehicles.

Exterior Trim Systems

Our trim systems are made with durable, lightweight, high-quality polymers and offer easy-to-install enhancements that improve a vehicles' appearance and performance. Available in a range of customizable combinations and options, our trim systems equip you with diverse system upgrade opportunities that enhance a vehicle’s aesthetic, luxury and safety options, and will ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

Trim systems can include:

  • Body side moldings
  • Rocker panels
  • Spoilers
  • Step assists
  • Skid plates
  • Running boards
  • Air Dams
  • Wheel Flares
  • Door Claddings
  • Fascia Applicas

Bumper Components & Paint

Our bumper assemblies are constructed with high-strength steel and impact-resistant polymers to provide a combination of premium quality, safety enhancement, and sleek style. Each bumper assembly we create is durable, reliable and offers superior protection, impact resistance, and even impact energy absorption and distribution to reduce the risk of damage to a vehicle’s body and frame. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, our bumper assemblies are easy to install and can be customized to meet specific design and safety needs.

Under Body Protection

Tiercon offers a variety of different underbody protective components and materials to protect damage from rocks, debris and other all terrain hazards. We are especially proud about our capabilities in designing and producing skid plates using materials that offer a unique combination of high-quality, durability, lightweight and stylish designs. Widely used for performance automobiles, off-road vehicles, and personal vehicles alike, we off a range of easy-to-install customizable options that provide excellent impact absorption and abrasion resistance and integrate with a vehicle’s existing structure for optimal aerodynamics, aesthetics and performance.