Health and Safety Policy

Tiercon Corp. is committed to the promotion of health, safety and wellness, and the prevention of occupational injury and illness.

This commitment is demonstrated by the maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace which incorporates occupational hygiene, safety, ergonomic principles, and a culture that supports healthy and safe workplace management systems.

Every reasonable effort will be made to provide a safe and suitable return to work opportunity following a work related injury.

Management and employees will work together to ensure the continuous improvement of our health and safety systems.

All levels of management are responsible for supporting and maintaining the Tiercon Corp.’s health and safety program.

All supervisors will be competently trained to provide a safe and healthy workplace and will accept the responsibility to fulfil their health and safety duties, in their assigned areas.

All employees are required to identify and report unsafe or unhealthy conditions and practices and to participate in the development of solutions to eliminate or reduce associated hazards.

Tiercon Corp. will ensure its facilities operate in compliance with applicable local laws, industry requirements and international standards.  All employees will be held accountable to work safely and in compliance with Health & Safety legislated requirements of any jurisdiction in which we operate and any other applicable code, guideline or established internal policy, standard or procedure.

Third parties such as visitors, contractors or subcontractors on property will carry out all work in compliance with Tiercon Corp’s internal policies and procedures all applicable legislative requirements.

Terry Kotwa
Vice-President and General Manager

Environmental Policy

Tiercon Corp. is proud of its commitment to the environment, including our aggressive resource reduction initiatives.

The scope of this policy is inclusive of processes and activities over which the company has control or influence. It excludes activities outside of our control, such as the manner in which our products are used and ultimate end of life disposition of manufactured parts.

To integrate this policy with business processes, and in accordance with our Environmental Management System requirements, we are committed to lead, promote, and direct the organization to drive environmental and business benefits. We will achieve this by:

(1) A commitment to compliance obligations and government policies as well as corporate and plant policies and procedures that affect business activities, including our commitment to striving for carbon neutrality by 2035;

(2) Considering the needs and expectations of our neighbors and other interested parties;

(3) Preventing pollution, which shall include, but not be limited to: sustainable resource management and waste reduction through the responsible application of reduce, reuse, and recycle principles;

(4) Improving water and energy efficiency and promoting responsible energy and water consumption practices throughout our organization through monitoring and initiatives to reduce consumption;

(5) Taking actions that preserve water quality and air quality in the communities in which we operate;

(6) Emphasizing responsible chemical management by limiting the use of harmful chemicals and substituting these chemicals wherever possible;

(7) Embracing new and innovative technology to reduce energy use, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote the use of renewable energy sources;

(8) Identifying significant aspects of our operations, the assessment of risks and opportunities, and where practicable, minimize the potential for adverse


(9) Identifying and reducing environmental impacts of end-of-life products used in the process of manufacturing, through recycling and takeback programs, or other reduction initiatives;

(10) Optimizing the effectiveness and integrity of our environmental management system through open communications, comprehensive educational programs, and environmental audits;

(11) Applying continuous measurements to monitor our progress against set targets and objectives, and review training, procedures, and resources for continuous improvement of our environmental performance;

(12) Developing an understanding among our employees and others who act on behalf of the Company, of their responsibilities and assigning the necessary authority to allow fulfillment of those responsibilities.

Each facility shall develop and implement site-specific goals, targets, and activities for their operations consistent with the foregoing principles and obligations as well as performance monitoring mechanisms to drive and measure improvements.

Our goals will be accomplished by ensuring both product and processes are designed and implemented with attention to their impact on the environment. We will promote environmental awareness amongst our employees. Procedures and work instructions will be developed based on sound economically achievable technology and considerations of environmental and health impact. Continuous improvement is a major objective in our pollution prevention and environmental protection strategies.

Tiercon Corp. is committed to providing the necessary support to ensure the foregoing objectives and principles are met.

Terry Kotwa
Vice-President and General Manager