Our Capabilities

At Tiercon, our operation includes everything you need to bring your project from concept to completion. With our advanced design capabilities, world-class Innovation Centre, state-of-the-art manufacturing operations and processes, and our commitment to quality and compliance, we are a one-stop shop that can create a virtually unlimited range of plastic and plastic-metal integrated parts and assemblies.

Design, Engineering & Manufacturing

Design and Engineering

All projects start with design. Our team works with you on your existing design or to develop a new design concept, including creating sketches, renderings and schematics. We then engineer a prototype and test and analyze the prototype until it meets your requirements and all applicable regulations and specifications.


With an approved design, we work with our tool manufacturers to develop precise tools for our injection molding equipment. At our three production locations, we operate a collection of plastic injection molding presses ranging in capacity from 300 to 3,000 tons that can produce mold-in-colour parts using a large range of resins. Our end-of-arm robotic de-molding and our automated gate trimming options ensure part quality and high cycle-to-cycle efficiency.

State-of-the-Art Paintline

Molded parts are transferred to our state-of-the-art paintline. We have invested substantially to create a highly accurate, 100% automated paintline. With our technology, we can apply a combination of prime coat, base coat, and tri-coat applications in a single pass to a broad range of plastic and steel at high or low baking temperatures. We ensure flawless colour harmony and consistency using our advanced in-house colour spectrometer. All paint applications are tested using our off-line test spray booth and bake oven, which were designed to replicate our production paintline and maximize our efficiency by allowing us to program and prototype the painting of future products without the need to interrupt our production paintline.


Our part assembly line is designed to meet all the post-mold and post-paint assembly needs for any project. Our digital gauging systems ensure 100% dimensional verification and torque control for all fasteners. Our assembly operation allows us to produce more than 30 combinations and variations of assemblies with zero changeover time, along with error-proofing solutions for installing clips, fasteners and tapes.

Our Design & Development Process

Each program at Tiercon is assigned a dedicated program manager who oversees each project from conception and product design through to production and final delivery. This high level of teamwork and integration ensures all programs are aligned within Tiercon’s infrastructure of planning, quality assurance and continuous improvement, and ensures consistency and quality throughout the manufacturing cycle of your products.

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Design & Engineer

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Quality Assurance & Compliance

Tiercon is committed to exceeding industry challenges through quality systems. The management team at Tiercon pledges to provide all necessary resources to ensure that the goal of total customer satisfaction is met throughout the company’s organization.

Tiercon is equipped with a state of the art dimensional lab which includes an ultramodern Creaform (MetraSCAN) 3D scanner as well as a CMM machine capable of measuring product exceeding 9 feet to a volumetric accuracy of 5 microns.

Our quality assurance tools, systems and processes ensure every part we produce meets stringent safety, quality and appearance standards.

Our advanced onsite testing facilities include:

  • A full design and test lab
  • Creaform (MetraSCAN) 3D scanner
  • 3D printing
  • Impact and cyclic corrosion testing
  • A nine-ft. coordinate measuring machine with 5-micron accuracy
  • Moldflow analysis
  • Finite element analysis
  • Predictive failure modes analysis
  • Spectrometer

Our Capacity

Our four production facilities include more than 400,000 sq. ft. of industrial space staffed by more than 600 skilled employees. We produce millions of parts annually for automotive industry customers and can scale our facilities to accommodate low- to high-production volumes.